If you’ve visited Disney once or even ten times or are even just in the process of planning a first trip, we ALL have that urge to do it ALL!

Trust me, even after more than 60 visits, I still have to tell myself not to try and cram everything into every visit! It’s a huge temptation that tons of folks fall into. I plan so many Disney trips throughout the year and my biggest piece of advice is pacing yourself, scheduling breaks, and not trying to get it all on for the sake of saying so. 

The sights, the sounds, the attractions, the characters, there are so many things to see and experience when visiting Disney. But, as much as I adore it, not every attraction, ride, or show is for every person.

Take it slow

Trying to literally conquer an entire park in one day and enjoy it, is a very difficult task even the seasoned under special circumstances may even having difficulty accomplishing that. So when it comes down to the meat and potatoes of actually planning an itinerary, I always encourage a slow pace, focusing on what your main goals are for your particular trip. The beauty is, Disney is always going to be there, so it’s wise to concentrate on the experiences that speak to your family the most at the particular time you are planning to visit.

If your budget allows, I always suggest adding in the luxury of a break day within your trip. Some folks look at me when I say this in disbelief. I think they feel it may be wasting precious Disney time, but truth is, the time may not be that precious if everyone is tired and grouchy!

Planning a down day to enjoy your resort pool, a nice brunch, sleeping in, or even some shopping at Disney Springs may be just the reset button you need mid trip! I’ve discovered after planning for so many, that there are two types of folks when we connect post trip. 1. Those that were so thankful of the benefits of that rest day OR 2. Those who come back saying they wished they would have listened to that piece of advice! 


Another great suggestion I give my families, especially if little ones are traveling with you, plan some midday downtime! Again, I’ve been there, done that and then some. Dragging sleepy, hot, cranky toddlers thru a park from rope drop to fireworks is a recipe for disaster! Not only are the kids over it, but Mom and Dad are not going to be feeling much Disney magic amidst tantrums and meltdowns.

RELAX…..your on vacation!

Taking a few hours in the afternoon for a nap, shower, or nice swim can give you the second wind to go back in the evening for a nice dinner and to close out Disney with one of the nighttime shows at each of the parks!

I’ve found, the more we’ve made this a part of our routine, the more we leave Disney feeling accomplished and relaxed, rather than coming home feeling like you go ran over by the Disney bus! 

An excuse to visit again

Overall, the reality of going to Disney is this…..No matter how hard you try, you will NEVER do everything in one visit! As much as I go each year, there are ALWAYS new things to experience and do! Focusing on the current interests of your family and setting a few key goals for your trip will make you feel so much less rushed and able to enjoy the magical moments that happen so often at Walt Disney World. And, even better, it’s an excuse to visit again!

There are always new and exciting things to see and do and it’s the reason my family and thousands of others venture back again and again! After all, there’s nothing better than being transported back to childhood again and visiting the magic of Walt Disney World Resort! 

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