I plan tons of trips throughout the year and some of my very favorite have become multigenerational trips! Getting the entire family together to plan a magical trip together can make for some amazing memories that literally last a lifetime.

There’s nothing more amazing than parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles seeing Disney through the eyes of the family’s children! BUT with these types of trips, there can be stress and headache for the person in charge of all the family plans……ESPECIALLY if they are not familiar with Disney or all the options that you have when planning a big family adventure!

I will add that usually in these types of situations one or two of the guests usually ends up taking charge. This person usually experiences the most stress when planning, so utilizing me to handle all the details and scheduling for a large party will enable EVERYONE to have a wonderful stress free time, not just the little ones!

Clear and Realistic Goals

When it comes to approaching these types of trips it is important for me to help the family set clear and realistic goals of the things they would like to accomplish as a family on their trip to Walt Disney World and make it a perfect mix of what everyone wants plus the right amount of down time, relaxation, adult time, etc. This is no easy task, but with my experience, I am happy to help my multigenerational families have an amazing plan that knocks this family vacay right out of the park!!

So now you are thinking……I would LOVE to do this with my family BUT where in the world do I start?!?!? I have just a few suggestions to start this adventure on the right track! You know that I can handle all the fine tuning details, but there are just a few things that you will need to figure out first to get this party started!!!

1. What are the dates that my family would ideally like to travel?

Getting this ironed out or at least narrowed down prior to our planning appointment helps us get things started so very quickly! Making sure that all your family members that will be going are on board for the dates chosen and work, school, and other activities are accounted for can make our planning process much smoother!

2. Who will be traveling with us and how many rooms we will need??

This is a great topic for a family meeting! Being pretty sure of the number of rooms you will need and a concrete lead guest for each room can guarantee that we can get your party booked at the same time and we are not searching for rooms later in the planning process that may no longer be available.

3. Don’t bust the budget!!!!!

While it is important to have the most amazing time possible, busting the budget is a sure fire way to leave a sour taste in someone’s mouth. When researching your resort choices, keep in mind that Disney has 3 tiers of resorts to accommodate all types of budgets: Value, Moderate, and Deluxe. When traveling with a large party, it is important to make sure that everyone is comfortable with the resort tier and selection!

I Will Help You

These are just a few of my tips for getting the ball rolling on a multigenerational family trip. Of course deeper into our planning process I will help you make sure every detail is covered from dining to fastpasses, scooter to stroller rentals, from date nights to in room babysitting the possibilities are endless! Each family is different and I am excited to plan personalized itineraries to fit your family and help your multigenerational trip be am amazing memory in your family’s lives!