This week we were privileged to be able to rent out an ENTIRE THEATER for my guests to see Toy Story 4!

I am so thankful that the Walt Disney World travel company allowed me to do this for my clients and contest winners! 

I was so happy with the turnout and it is such a pleasure to get to meet some of my clients face to face! It was a way for me to say thank you to both my loyal clients and the community that supports my small business! 

We were able to provide a private showing of Toy Story 4 as well as provide popcorn and soda for all my little princes and princesses in attendance! 

In addition to the theater rental and snack for the little ones, we were able to give an AMAZING Toy Story 4 prize pack valued at over $200! I cannot think of a better way to add icing to this Toy Story cake than to give away this amazing prize! 

Thank you for your support

Thanks so much to everyone that was in attendance and especially those that helped me make this event dream a reality! I truly cannot be more happy with the turnout and response to this event! My goal in the future is to do this for my clients again and again! I am so grateful for the continued support of my small business! Everyone that books, likes, comments, shares, or spreads the word about Carie with Pixie Vacations in any way, I want you to know…..we see you and I cannot tell you how much you are appreciated!

Thoughts on the end of an era: Beginning back in 1995, there has really been no more endearing series than the Toy story films.

Being a fan, from the beginning, this was a particularly hard film to watch. I won’t be giving a full review at this time out of respect for those that have not yet seen it, but I will say, it was an amazing film. It was more emotional than I imagined, even after several warnings as such. There were no shortages of appearance of our favorite toys from the beginning of this epic story, as well as lots of new faces that were easy to grow attached quite quickly.

I did love the fact that I was able to spot several Easter Eggs throughout the film in true Pixar tradition. That was definitely a highlight for me! Seeing Woody and the gang pull off one last rescue mission as a team was heartwarming as always and I was literally shaken to tears at the film and the series conclusion. Those toys will forever be a part of my love of both Disney and Pixar in such a special way!

Take the time to go and enjoy this film with your family, reminisce and remember all the way back to 1995 when we first met some of most beloved characters of all time. Without a doubt, I will forever love Toy Story……to infinity and beyond.