Throwing the MYTHS OF USING A TRAVEL PLANNER out the window!!!

On this “Small Business Saturday”, I’d like to take the opportunity to talk a little about some myths surrounding travel planning and also let you know just how using me as your travel planner helps me…. small business!


MYTH NUMBER 1: “Using a concierge style travel planner like Carie with Pixie Vacations costs money!” 

FALSE!!! In fact, using a concierge style travel planner, such as myself, is actually more bang for your buck! Sure, you can book online yourself, BUT… you get an expert planner that is with you prior, during, and after the travel?!? Do you get expert destination knowledge, planning services, payment processing, custom itinerary building, expert tips, tricks, and guidance?!??

When booking yourself online do you get to sleep in while someone else make fastpasses and dining reservations?!? 

Do you get someone who does discount checking on your package without YOU having to sit on hold yourself?!?! 

With my service, you get ALL this and MUCH MORE… no added fee to you! 


MYTH NUMBER 2: “If I use a travel planner I won’t get to be involved in my planning”

FALSE!!! My philosophy on planning could not be more opposite of this! I love talking with my clients, providing them with inside information, and helping them make amazing decisions that fit each family specifically! I believe no one knows your family better than you. I want to get to know each of you and your vision for your travels. My goal is to build a custom vacation that caters to your family’s wants and needs. 


MYTH NUMBER 3: “You must get paid regardless of if I book or not.”

FALSE!!! While this would be ideal LOL…..this is far from the truth. Preparing quotes, creating itineraries, making reservations. All of these tasks take hours upon hours of time. If I’m preparing multiple quotes in a day, that someone takes, then in turn books themselves, or not at all, I have lost an enormous amount of precious time. In truth, we see no payment for services from our vendors until your travel is complete. So, in reality, we can do 10-20 hours of work on a booking with multiple moving parts and not see payment for sometimes over a calendar year! This means one thing……



MYTH NUMBER 4: “I can just book online and it will be easier.”

FALSE!!!! Have you ever just googled vacation?!?? Or Caribbean travel?!?! Or better yet….DISNEY?!?!! The results are overwhelming to say the least! The truth is in today’s world, folks are busy! Careers, children, health, extra activities, kid’s sports activities….the list goes on. While some may find tons of time in their day to take on the intricacies of trip planning, most folks do not. This is where I come in.

  • Don’t have time to read the 9,809,674 Disney sites addressing dining?
  • Don’t have an afternoon coffee break to research all-inclusive Caribbean travel?


I am here to make your travel planning stress free! I am your easy button! I’m available 

to answer your questions and most of all, ensure you are getting the best for your vacation dollars. It is my goal to send you to amazing and REPUTABLE destinations with amazing experiences and service. Having an expert like me is your one way ticket to an EASY planning experience!



In summary, when you use, Carie with Pixie Vacations you are getting an expert planner at your service that truly cares about your vacation. It is as important to me as my own travel! Each client is unique and special to me and I strive to provide outstanding and individualized service to each one! My reputation of excellent customer service and exceptional planning is of utmost important to me! Each family that has talked about my service to others is so very appreciated! By using my free, concierge style services you are supporting my small business! It a WIN for EVERYONE!