I know you guys agree…..this has been a long quarantine! Being away from Disney for this amount of time has been a concept that is causing slight insanity in my house. This past week it has seemed though that we are seeing a possible light at the end of the tunnel with the recent reopening of CityWalk and the upcoming opening of Disney Springs.

I know we are all chomping at the bits to be back on property, but while we’ve been stuck in the house, we have tried to keep Disney magic alive and well each day and ward away some of the dreaded Disney depression. 

One of the fun things we’ve tried while stuck at home was trying more and more Disney recipes! We have made Monte Cristo from Blue Bayou, Cookie Num Nums, cheeseburger eggrolls, and grapefruit cake from Hollywood Brown Derby just to name a few!

It’s nice to have some Disney inspired food to really give us a taste of home! Although I sure hope we can walk some of those treats off when we get back to the parks!! 

Another thing that I’m sure we are all guilty of is online shopping for Disney and Disney inspired merch! So many of our favorite shops have really kept our spirits up with quarantine releases of the coolest items! Of course, some of our favorites have been the Lost Bros, Pretty Little Monograms, BBBrooke, and Once Upon a Teeshirt! Not that we need excuses to shop, but getting magic mail in the box does chase a lot of our blues away! 

Watching Disney+ has also been amazing! Let’s just talk about those amazing originals like the Imagineering Story and Prop Culture!! These are each a great series in their own respect! I thought they couldn’t get much better than Imagineering Story, BUT Prop Culture is an absolute winner! If you have not checked it out, it’s a MUST for the Disney fan that loves the history and details! 

We’ve also done some redecorating, rearranging of the closets, purging of the house, and lots and lots of cleaning……All in all while the world has been very chaotic and there’s been plenty of disappointment to go around, sometimes it’s necessary to slow down these crazy lives for a bit. Maybe this was our chance to reset. I know that I have went thru all the emotions….sadness for the families that I helped plan that had to either cancel or reschedule, mourning the loss of my own personal trips missed, anger, and at times feeling like Tinkerbell, that my light was going out. But, I know better days are coming! With our faith, trust, and pixie dust I know we will be walking “right down the middle of Main Street USA” before we know it. And as for me, my walk will be fueled by more love and appreciation than ever for the places we call home. Take care of yourselves and your families! Do something at home to keep that Disney magic alive! For the place where my magic lives, I’ll be ready to…….see ya real soon!

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