In all our Disney loving adventures, we are often asked where we get our Disney inspired gear or where are the best places to find unique items to wear to the parks, or in our case…..everyday of life! So, I have decided to highlight a few of our very favorite shops in today’s blog!

All of these shops are owned by amazing Disney loving folks that make quality products and have amazing customer service!

Pretty Little Monograms

First off, when heading to central Florida, there is one thing to expect……RAIN! And that is what first introduced us to our hometown West Virginia girl and owner, creator of Pretty Little Monograms, Lindsay Waybright! We stumbled upon her AMAZING, high quality, Disney inspired rain gear several years ago and have been fans ever since! Not only are these rain jackets totally awesome, but they are ADORABLE! You are sure to find a design or monogram that speaks to you!

Not only does she do these rain jackets, but she has a whole host of products like pullovers, tees, tanks, leggings, and even bags that can pair with just about anything, especially her signature Lilly, and help you stand out as super stylish while park hopping!

We have had the pleasure of meeting her in person and she is just as sweet and adorable as you can imagine! Her customer service level is absolutely outstanding! With themed releases for every special event and season at Disney, Pretty Little Monograms is the perfect place to stock up on any and all Disney gear! Here’s another link to check out her amazing shop!

The Lost Bros

When it comes to unique and just straight awesome, look no further than our friends over at The Lost Bros

It’s very rare that a Monday goes by that we aren’t ordering the newest design from this UBER creative bunch! Character inspired jerseys, rock themes, event and seasonal merchandise, plus so much more, these guys are truly the one stop shop for the eccentric and stand out items you are looking for!

Their products are so versatile that you can wear them both in the parks and out having subtle hints of Disney with a twist. We especially love that they boast many obscure characters and park references that only the diehard fan can recognize. 

Feel like a total insider sporting your Lost Bros gear without a doubt! Make sure to check out their site on the links and sign up for updates or you just may miss out on the weekly release of fresh gear!

Lost Princess Apparel

When is comes to adorable and dainty dresses and super soft themed leggings look no further that Lost Princess Apparel!

I was never really a proponent of wearing dresses in the park until I ordered my Haunted Mansion wallpaper dress from this company! Once I did, I was sooooooo happy! These dresses are the most comfortable dresses out there, and not to mention…….the game changer…….POCKETS! That’s right! Aside from being super soft and flowy with adorable inspired prints, they have POCKETS!!!!!

If you are looking for Disney, Harry Potter, or pop culture in general, this is the place to find it! We have dresses in our collection now from the Houses of Hogwarts all the way to Cinderella Castle. They also have super cool and soft leggings AND children’s wear also! If you’re looking to make that pop culture statement, this is the shop for you! Not to mention, a portion of their proceeds benefit the Charlie’s Project charity! To place your orders and to find out more about Charlie’s Project, visit the link below!

Make a Mark Studio

What can we say about this next shop……..words escape me to truly explain the talent of Make a Mark Studio!

Local here to our home state of West Virginia, these hand painted masterpieces are literally unreal! I came to know this shop when I received a gift from some dear friends at Christmas a few years back. This gift is still one of my most treasured possessions. They are the most beautiful free hand painted shoes that I have even seen. The details are stunning! She is such a talented artist!

Something that stands out with me with regards to Make a Mark is the fact that you can present an idea of what design you would like painted on your shoes, and then she takes that idea and makes it even better than you could have ever imagined. You can either send her your own pair of shoes, or she can pick those up for you and send them after the art is complete!

I cannot stress enough how amazing the art is and the quality of the product. As I mentioned, I have had mine for a few years and I wear them very frequently and they still look brand new. All the paint is intact and still pristine. She also seals the artwork on the shoes!  Do yourself a favor and take a look thru her gallery through the links! Contact the amazing artist behind Make a Mark Studio and you will not be sorry that you did! You will have an amazing conversation piece that you can sport to the parks or anywhere!

Make a Mark Studio

Magical Pix by Candi Clark

Even though this is not technically a shop, I cannot complete this list without including one of my all time favorite Disney friends and the most exquisite photographer on property……Magical Pix by Candi Clark! I had admired her photography from afar for a long time and then, a twist of fate brought us together!

Candi was doing a contest for a free photography session and I was honored to win that contest! We met right before Christmas that year and the minute I laid eyes on her we were instant friends! I have told her many times that she is literally my Joy! Joy as in Inside Out Joy! She literally drips joy and I love her for it!

Aside from her just being all around wonderful, her photography is in a word, MAGICAL! She has done family and senior shoots for my family on a regular basis ever since our first meeting and I plan to continue this tradition year after year. Word to the wise….if you want to book one of these magical shoots with Candi, you MUST book early! Her talents are known far and wide and this makes for a heavily booked calendar! If you schedule a session, make sure to tell her we sent you!

So there you have it! Our list of favorites and best recommendations! We would love for you to check all these folks out and show them some love! Be sure to follow/like their pages on Instagram and Facebook as well as Carie with Pixie Vacations on Facebook and @theprincessndtheblog and @pixiecarie on Instagram! We had so much fun compiling this list for you and are so excited to share these awesome folks with you!