Our 5 Most Underrated Table Service Restaurants in Walt Disney World Resort

Most of you that follow us know that my family loves them some Disney food! That being said we have decided to create a list of our 5 top most underrated table services in Walt Disney World Resort.

Everyone goes for the Cinderella’s Royal Table, O’hana, Chef Mickey’s, etc, but there are a lot of hidden gems on property that may or may not be known to you that are really a great use of your 1 table service credit and surprisingly AMAZING choices! So we are going to rate those for you, of course completely based on our opinions.


First off we will talk about Splitsville! Located in
Disney Springs.Gary actually mentioned this one and I completely agree! Splitsville is really another level experience. You can obtain reservations for both dining and bowling or just one or the other. The food is absolutely wonderful. From bowls, to burgers, from sushi to nachos, everything is so well done and not your typical bowling alley food as expected from Disney. Most folks would not think of getting amazing sushi from a bowling alley, but expect to be amazed! I loved their burgers (and folks that know me, know that I ADORE a good burger), even the Asian bowls were literally so flavorful and wonderful. We did both dining and bowling and it was a seamless experience. It did not feel rushed. The wait staff were nothing less than the best and we were extremely pleased with the experience and definitely recommend this as a repeat!

Raglan Road

Next up on our list is not only a restaurant but a fully immersive cultural experience and that is Raglan Road. It is the perfect place to have a ball and unwind at the same time. Live music, dancing, and authentic Irish cuisine make this the perfect way to end an evening at Disney Springs! My family has made Raglan a Disney tradition for many many years. The rack of heaven appetizer ribs is a favorite of my family as well as the Shepherd’s pie with a twist, but you cannot make a trip to Raglan without trying the Bread and Butter pudding. It is one of our very favorite desserts on the entire property! Each night there is live Irish folk music along with traditional Irish step dancing where the dancers bring children in the audience up on stage to join them! We definitely recommend making a visit to the baddest pub in Disney Springs on your next visit!

Whispering Canyon

Up next is our family Christmas breakfast tradition, Whispering Canyon! If you are up for a rootin’ tootin’ wild time, then a trip to the Canyon is right up your alley! There is no shortage of grub with the Canyon’s all you care to enjoy breakfast skillet (there is also a lunch and dinner version for those respective meals)! With your traditional eggs, bacon, sausage, gravy, mickey waffles, and other breakfast fare, you’ll also find my favorite cheddar breakfast biscuits! They are in my opinion the best…..and I typically hate biscuits…..ok nobody kill me! LOL! If you are really REALLY thirsty, you’ll find gallon size mason jars for drinking, and if you like a “little” ketchup on your eggs, be sure to ask and I guarantee you that you will never need ketchup again! The lighthearted staff make for a good ole time and the food is straight out of cast iron! It’s located in Disney’s beautiful Wilderness Lodge which is completely stunning. You feel completely transported into the wild, wild wilderness! If you pay a visit to the Canyon, I can guarantee that you will not leave with an empty stomach or a frown on your face!

50’s Prime Time Café

You better mind your manners and keep your elbows off the table at our next stop…….You’re expected to eat ALL your veggies at 50’s Prime Time Café located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios! The staff at 50’s take good manners to a whole other level when you pull up a chair to Mama’s table! Their antics range from pouring ketchup on the table to keep your elbows off to sticking any uneaten veggies into your dessert to keep you on your best behavior! You will be able to choose from hearty, stick to your ribs, old school cuisine like pot roast, meatloaf, and fried chicken and if you’re lucky, you’re gonna get to make it to the delectable MILKSHAKES! Chocolate to peanut butter, these huge sweet treats are perfect for taking with you after your meal to enjoy while you watch the ever popular Fantasmic! Don’t overlook this blast from the past when making your advanced dining reservation selections! Momma would approve of this choice!

Liberty Tree Tavern

This last of our top underrated table services is near and dear to my heart.  My family has dined here on several occasions and I will continue to pay regular visits to this colonial masterpiece, The Liberty Tree Tavern.  In terms of comfort food, there is not one location on the property that delivers that better than Liberty.  This family style meal keeps on giving and giving a traditional Thanksgiving feast in the form of the Patriot’s Platter! Roast beef, turkey , dressing, mac n cheese, and much, much more, this is a bountiful family feast that will stuff you like a Thanksgiving turkey! Located in Liberty Square inside Disney’s Magic Kingdom, this wonderful dining experience is often overlooked due to venues in close proximity like Be Our Guest or Cinderella’s Royal Table. I find Liberty Tree to have a much more hearty meal along with a laid back experience that should definitely not be ignored. Ending your meal with an all you care to enjoy Ooey Gooey Toffee cake is sure to leave you smiling from ear to ear as you venture back out into the Magic Kingdom for evening fireworks!

Hamm family’s opinions

And there you have it folks, the Hamm family’s opinions on the 5 Most Underrated Table Service Restaurants in the Walt Disney Resort! Just a reminder that these are based completely on our own personal opinions that come from our years of experience and visits to Walt Disney World! All of the “most popular” locations to dine are awesome to have on your itinerary, but don’t forget to give some of these hidden gems a chance on your next trip! You won’t be disappointed! Our happy tummies guarantee it!