Last weekend we ventured out to catch the opening of Maleficent, The Mistress of Evil at Marquee Cinemas. Because I had such a positive opinion of the prequel to this newest film, I was very anxious to see this next installment right away! While I will be giving my opinion on the film, there will be no spoilers for those who have not had a chance to go see it.

Much of the original cast rejoined this film as well as a few new faces added to the cast. Most notably Angelia Jolie and Elle Fanning returned to reprise their roles as Maleficent and Aurora, respectively. I’ve said this many times and I have no issue restating it……these two are perfection in both their roles! This is one cast in a “remake” that I could not agree with more! 

The film picks up a bit after it left off previously with Aurora assuming her throne as queen of the Moors.  She is quickly proposed to by Prince Phillip in the beginning of the film. A proposal that does not thrill our favorite villain of all time, and after some coaxing, she does attempt to support Aurora’s decision.  However, this “support” is seriously misinterpreted and things take the expected dark turn upon a fateful meeting with Prince Phillip’s parents.  

I definitely don’t want to progress into the story for fear of spoiling the brilliant twists and turns it takes. I will say that thru being overtly misunderstood, Maleficent unexpectedly finds herself recovering from attack amongst her own kind, which she had no idea still existed. And here, she meets another like her that helps her begin the soul searching journey she has so desperately been missing. 

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From a young age, Aurora has always been my favorite princess. When I head Disney was going to do a live action “spin-off” focusing on Maleficent, I was overjoyed. The first movie exceeded all expectations. The perfectly cast film was the best live action to date, in my opinion. I so enjoyed Angelina Jolie portraying the iconic role of the Mistress of All Evil. 

The second Maleficent film was nothing short of amazing. It lived up to the hype that the trailer portrayed. I loved the storyline. Although at times it seemed a little too “cartoony” for me, I enjoyed how it all came together. 

There of course was a throw to my all time favorite Disney quote, with an added spin. “Make it pink, make it blue” has an entire different meaning after this film. I was so happy to see that iconic Sleeping Beauty moment remade into a live action scene… amazing! 

My favorite part about the Maleficent movies are that it is a live action that isn’t a direct remake of a classic film. I like that it has a different take on an iconic film and takes it to the next level of. I am hoping that there will be a third film made in the future. I think that the story line they have built up would flourish with the continuation of this series!