Magical express your complimentary motorcoach to Disney magic!!

If you are staying at a Walt Disney World Resort AND are flying into the Orlando International Airport (MCO), you can have complimentary round trip transportation to and from the airport to you resort! There is no better way to kick off your stay than taking a ride on Disneys Magical Express! 

There are a couple of scenarios for using Magical Express transportation, all of which are simple and stress free when arranged by your travel professional! 

If you have purchased your flights, simply give me a call or email with your flight details! I’ll need the name of the airline carrier, flight number, departure city and time and arrival time, so that I can insure accuracy!

Once I have your information, I will call and arrange for your instructions and luggage tags to be sent! You will receive magical luggage tags which you will place on your luggage at your airport of departure. Once you’ve checked your luggage with your magical express tags attached, that’s it! You will arrive at Orlando International Airport where you can proceed directly to the Magical Express attendants desks to check in! No need to grab your luggage!!! It will “magically” appear in your room! 

If you have booked a last minute trip or purchased your flights close to your trip, don’t worry! You can still utilize your complimentary transportation! Simply provide me the same details as I mentioned before. In the case that we don’t have enough time to ship out luggage tags, you’ll need to do one simple extra step! Once you’ve checked your bags at your airport if departure, simply hold on to your luggage claim ticket. Once you arrive in Orlando, head down to the Magical Express desks and check in. Here you will provide your attendant your luggage claim ticket and then proceed to your designated Magical Express bus line! Your luggage will still magically appear! 

In the event you have a late flight, you can still use magical express, however if it’s well into the night, I usually suggest actually grabbing your luggage from the carousel and taking it to the Magical Express check in with you. This will help to avoid staying up late waiting for luggage delivery or even worse, having to wait until the next day to receive your checked bags! 

It’s important to mention that you can also use Magical Express one way as well! Maybe during your stay at Disney World, you have decide not to leave! Because after all, when it’s time to leave Disney, the Magical Express turns quite TRAGICAL instead! Another great piece of advice I always give my guests to help with a smooth start to your vacation is to make sure you are wearing your magicbands when you board your plane to come visit! You will need to scan a magicband when you check in at the Magical Express desk, so if it’s in your checked luggage, that may be a not so magical way to start things off! 

When it’s time to say goodbye to Mickey and all his pals, the night prior to your departure, your resort team will place a door knocker on your door. Inside you will find a letter tell you what time to arrive at your designated pick up location for your transportation back to Orlando International Airport. Make sure you are a few minutes early so you can load your luggage and find a seat. Most pick ups are arranged 3 hours prior to your scheduled flight time! Keep that tidbit in mind when scheduling flights! I can assure you, boarding Magical Express at 3 am is not fun, no fun at all! 

So remember, the next time you book a trip to the Walt Disney World Resort, ask me about arranging your complimentary transportation and your transition from airport to resort and return will be seamless and well, Magical!