Of course those of you that follow us know that we were able to visit Disneyland Park last week during our family vacation adventure…..and I can truly say, it is really the “Happiest Place on Earth”! 

While we of course have visited the Walt Disney World Resort more times that fingers and toes could ever count, I had never ventured to the west coast where all the magic actually started. This had been a goal of mine for quite some time and finally we found the right time.

With many folks telling me their experiences, planning trips here for others, and a ton of training and research, I still feel like I was not fully prepared for what I did experience upon walking into this beautifully magical place and all the “Walt-ness” I would feel as I entered those gates.

Right away you notice the smaller scale of
everything, the quaintness, and almost a sense of stepping back into a time of the past. Main Street USA, the fire department, the apartment light, the castle, all far more of an intimate experience than the volume and hustle bustle of World. People have said that if you love World the way I do, that you will not love the smaller scale of Land. I could not disagree more.

While Sleeping Beauty Castle is literally half the size of our beloved Cinderella Castle, it is no less magical by any right! The vivid colors, the beautiful banners and the added bonus of the walk thru with artwork inside her makes for an amazing icon all its own! It won a special place in our hearts without a doubt! Aurora being Isabella’s favorite princess, she was overjoyed at being able to go in and enjoy the artwork inside the castle!

I will say, the things that I loved the most at Disneyland were definitely the attractions that we no longer have at World. Getting to revisit things like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride and Snow White’s Scary Adventures certainly transported me back to a time when I had little in tow and the newness was a magic that is hard to replicate.

I also loved that some of the attractions that are shared by both coasts had different twists that made me have an all new love for both versions! It’s a Small World, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Hyper Space Mountain were some highlights in this aspect just to name a few…….BUT, the highlight of these for me was the original and stunningly creepy Haunted Mansion! It goes without saying, that it was so amazing, different, and more gorgeous than I had even imagined!

Another highlight for me was visiting the Jolly Holiday Bakery…..what did you guys expect???? Mary Poppins theming AND food?? I mean seriously, you already know!  This bakery was amazing! Sweets, snacks, sandwiches, and drinks were on the menu paired with the dainty décor of that practically perfect nanny that I have cherished for a lifetime!

Isabella and I split a meal and it was substantial enough to fill us up at the time, but light enough to leave room for a trek over to New Orleans Square for more serious matters……beignets! They were as amazing as legends tell! Trust me! Isabella also tried their famous Mint Julep and it is now her refreshment of choice!  I’ll also add, if there is any portion of Disneyland that I could pick up and transport to World, New Orleans Square is IT! By far, this was my favorite area as far as something that Land has and World does not.

I’ll also add briefly, since this will be another blog at another time, we had an absolute BLAST at Galaxy’s Edge!  I’m very glad that I was able to experience this on the west coast before our adventure begins here in the East!

I though the immersiveness of this land was so well done! For Star Wars lovers everywhere, you will not be disappointed! I plan to dedicate an entire blog to our adventure there! It definitely warrants its own story!

Overall, I am MORE than happy that we ventured across the country to visit Disneyland. It was an experience that I will always treasure!
Since my trip tons of folks have asked me to compare Disneyland to Disney World. Most people know my love for World and were anxious to hear my thoughts so, here goes. You cannot compare the two. They are completely different animals. There are amazing things to love on both coasts. I love BOTH in very different ways.

The long and short of it is, I will be back to Land and it will be often. The feel there is as addictive as World and just as magical! The history alone is entrancing. Knowing I was in the place of Walt’s vision, where he walked, how could I not love it! It truly is the “Happiest Place on Earth”!