There’s nothing more magical than sharing a Walt Disney World experience with your entire family. In fact, that’s what most folks think about when they think about visiting Disney. But, I’d like to talk about experiencing Disney in one of my favorite ways…….an adult trip!

It’s a completely different experience than the hustle and bustle of a family visit and such a refreshing and eye opening way to see Disney from a whole new perspective!

Disney is “just for kids” ???

Most folks honestly still have the mentality that Disney is “just for kids”, but this could not be farther from the truth! From culinary experiences to festivals, concerts to after hours experiences, parties, pubs, and piano bars, there
is no shortage of fun for adults at Walt Disney World.

Of course most adults that go to Disney with children are focused on their children’s experience rather than theirs, which is admirable, however, taking a few days to go to Disney “kid free” is a way for adults to experience the magic in an entirely new way! A kid free adventure may give you opportunities to try out different, more upscale dining locations, or to stroll around the world showcase trying all the famous “Drink Around the World” offerings! These kid free adventures can also be the perfect time to take advantage of after hour events that little ones may not find so fun when after their bedtime!

Another fun experience when going on an adult only adventure are the various festivals throughout the seasons! During these festivals in Epcot, there are tons of specialty food and drink booths, cultural experiences, and lots of concerts and special performances! These festivals are the perfect place for adults to let down their hair and have some adult fun…..Disney style!

Late evening parties and after hours events are also a great adult way to unwind and have a little fun! These hard ticket events have reduced crowds, specialty entertainment, drinks, and specialty snacks that are sure to entertain all your adult pals after dark at Disney! Most last until midnight and later making for mostly adults and older kids in the parks. These events are a great way to enjoy the parks without large crowds or long wait times and also a great place to snag some rare character photos as well! 

Whether it be a couple celebrating an anniversary, a bachelorette trip, a special milestone birthday celebration, or just a girls trip, I cannot think of a more magical place to have the best adult trip ever!

Leave your “Disney is for kids” opinions behind and let me help you plan a different type of Disney adventure for you and your friends! You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see Disney in this brand new way!

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