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Disney’s Park Pass Reservations System

As of July 2020, Disney has a NEW Park Reservations System that will give you the opportunity to choose the park you will be visiting each day of paid admission of your stay (limit one park per day, as Disney has currently suspended the Park Hopper product). Park capacity will be LIMITED!!!!  This must be done […]

Universal Orlando Resort

It has been a whirlwind of activity and adjustment in our house for the last couple of months! Travel, holidays, surgery for @theprincessndtheblog, Garrett leaving for bootcamp, more travel and just all around busy! It’s been super hard to get time to sit down and write my thoughts in a blog for sure. Now that […]

EPCOT… Date Day (Bella & Brock)

Written by: @theprincessndtheblog Im baaaaack! Hello everyone! It’s been a few weeks since we’ve written a blog. We have been so busy with the holidays, a huge family trip, my surgery, my uncle and brother leaving for bootcamp, etc. During our last visit to Walt Disney World, Brock and I decided to have an afternoon […]