So, I’m going to kick off our blog with some introductions! I want you to get to know us and we want to get to know you! Myself and my family are very excited to share our adventures with you, as well as share some of our help and experience along the way!

I’m Carie, the Disney crazy! I’ve actually loved Disney since I was a very small child. I was obsessed with everything from the World of Disney on Sunday nights, to my Disco Duck album (who remembers that)!

Gary is my husband of 22 years and our kids are Isabella, 20, and Garrett, 18. Gary is my tech help…which I need A LOT of these days. Isabella is my princess obsessed college kid and is my right hand. And my son, Garrett, is what we call the human map of all Disney property and Disney Cruise Line ships. There’s not a place on property or in ANY Disney ship that this kid doesn’t know like the back of his hand!

While I dreamed for many years of seeing it for myself, I never got to travel to Walt Disney World until I had children. My husband and I saved for several years and were finally able to go when our two children were still super small. What a blessing it was!

We spent 11 days at Walt Disney World on that trip! I look back now and have to laugh because at that time I believed it would be our only visit there……

Fast forward to now, OVER 40 trips to Disney property under our belt, not including our 11 Disney cruises (of which we have sailed on all 4 ships at least twice)! We’ve explored the ins and outs, every holiday, every festival, every special party, every which way but loose! LOL!

Our love of Disney has evolved, just like our beloved WDW Resort. We’ve watched it change and grow. Who remembers when the walls went up for the new Fantasyland construction? Who tried to climb on tables at Tiffins to get a sneak peek of Pandora?!?! Who cried when we had to say goodbye to some of our favorites like The Great Movie Ride or Snow White’s Scary Adventures? And our hat?!?!

My hope is that you will join us in this new part of our family’s journey…..blogging and sharing the passion we have for Disney and even follow along as we experience new and awesome travel adventures elsewhere!

My goal is to bring you new experiences, tips, tricks, news, and all around FUN! We appreciate each of you and will endeavor to inform and entertain you! Thanks to everyone that follows along the way and those that help our community grow!

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  1. This is awesome just like your family!! Can’t wait to travel along with you. Really helps when your waiting for your next Disney or cruise fix ?!!

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