Our top tips for beating the heat this summer at the Walt Disney world Resort

It is no secret that anywhere from March to November you can experience some serious heat when visiting Walt Disney World and other central Florida vacation destinations!

Tons of clients ask me…..how do you beat the heat??? This is a great question and has so many answers! I would love to touch on just a few ways that we have discovered to do just that in our experience with TONS of visits under our belt!


First and foremost, my biggest tip for the summer heat at Disney……. STAY HYDRATED!!! If you’ve planned with me before, chances are you have heard me say, “If you use your snack credit on a bottle of water, I may smack your hand!”. This is still true! LOL! You guys thought I had a change of heart??? Never! But, there are ways to be prepared to stay hydrated without wasting precious snack credits on bottles of water! Most folks don’t realize that you are actually allowed to bring a refillable water bottle with you into the parks. This is perfect for refilling at a water fountain or in some of the new filtered water bottle refill stations now being located throughout the parks!

Another tip is to ask for a cup of water from any quick service location. This is free of charge and a great resource to keep in mind as the temperature rises throughout the day! You can also have a case of water delivered to your room for your stay and take a few of those that you have chilled in your in room fridge! And then I’ll be so proud that you didn’t use those snack credits to keep hydrated!  

Take a Break

Scheduling accordingly!! Of course if you are planning with me, we talk about this is great detail, but my best suggestion for tackling Disney during the super hot months is to plan a midday break! I know, I know…..you are only there for so long, who wants to spend some down time in the room?!?!? Trust me, you’ll be glad that you did!

I have planned hundreds of Disney trips and I get one of two types of feedback regarding my scheduling suggestions. It’s either, I’m so glad you suggested midday down time or I wish I’d listened to your suggestion of midday downtime!

I know that for a lot of folks Disney can be a once a year, once every few years, or once in a lifetime thing, BUT, taking that time in the heat of the day for a swim, nap, shower, or all three can be a game changer for the moods of those in your travel party and may give everyone that much needed second wind!

It’s also really nice to come back to enjoy the charming and inviting feel of the parks as dusk falls and lights twinkle. After all, isn’t that Disney magic and firework spectaculars some of the main reasons we go! In my opinion, it is not a waste of precious Disney time to recharge so you can enjoy those late extra magic hours or After Hours events when the sun has set! Some of my best memories are shutting down a park or an event in the wee hours of the morning.

Park Bag

Having some of those summer essentials tucked into your park bag will also make tolerating the heat a little easier for you and a little more pleasant for your fellow guests!

A few of our personal favorites are

  • Cooling towels
  • Deodorant or deodorant wipes ( one of most recent discoveries)
  • A mini body spray
  • And of course if you follow us on social media, you’ll know that @theprincessndtheblog requires a personal portable fan. *insert eye roll …. 

And as most of you know, if you’ve been in any sort of outdoor setting for any length of time, you KNOW when someone has not taken their deodorant application seriously. As a courtesy to your fellow park goers…..get serious about it!

Sunscreen for reapplication is also very essential to keep with you to beat that summer scorch! It’s nice to grab a trial size prior to your trip to keep in the park bag to make sure you are avoiding extra downtime or not feeling well by staying away from sunburn!

This is a slightly condensed version of my best beat the heat tips, you can find more about our tips, tricks, and suggestions by following; @theprincessndtheblog and Carie with Pixie Vacations on Facebook and Instagram! Also for those that book their vacation with my services, you will receive a detailed tip list prior to heading out on your Disney adventure or any adventure you may choose! Have a great 4th of July and stay cool!