Being a Disney goer for many years, this is one challenge that we had thought about many times, but had never carried out until our most recent visit to Walt Disney World. I have always admired those who took on the challenge of visiting all four of Disney’s main theme parks in the course of one day, especially those toting little ones, but have just never nailed down a time to complete it….until now.

Our last visit to Walt Disney World was a couple of weeks ago. We had decided at the last minute announcement of the Villains After Hours events, that we would make a quick trip down to check things out for our followers and clients and it seemed like the right time to attempt this daunting four park challenge.

Isabella, @theprincessndtheblog, and myself wanted to also bring along one of our great friends, and fellow Disney lover, Jenniefer. We knew she would be up for the challenge for sure!

When sketching out our plan, that we wanted to both get a photo with each park icon and complete at least one attraction in each park before heading to our next destination.

Animal Kingdom

We decided based on where we were staying (Animal Kingdom Lodge) that we would begin our day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. We actually took the bus from the main Lodge, to the park. This was the only time during this challenge that we utilized the bus system for time’s sake.

On the way to the park, Isabella was able to obtain a fastpass for Na’vi River journey.  We arrived at Animal Kingdom in the pouring rain! Yikes! So we decided it would be a great time to stop in Satu’li for a bite to eat. This is arguably my current favorite quick service on the entire property! It was the perfect midday fuel to get our challenge started! Keep in mind it was well after 1 pm when we started this monumental task! After lunch we enjoyed walking around Pandora for a bit, then we headed off to the Na’vi River journey for a wonderful and relaxing ride!

Plot twist……torrential downpour! Once we excited Na’vi we were met by a huge storm. This would not deter us! Another plot twist……..We get Slinky Dog Dash for our next fastpass!  We met up with some of my amazing clients on our way out!! What a great treat for us!

While heading to the exit, I secured a LYFT to pick us up and take us to our next destination……Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Hollywood Studios

In that unbelievable twist of fate, we are headed over to Hollywood with the proverbial golden ticket……that Slinky Dog fastpass! Most folks are lucky to get that at the 60 day mark…..unless they are my folks! LOL! ( I couldn’t resist)  So, with the rain dying down, and our LYFT in sight, we head wet yet happy to our next stop!

I felt like walking into Hollywood this time was one last chance for me to soak up Hollywood in all it’s quaint and quiet glitz and glam. Taking in the light crowd and old Hollywood charm before things change later in the year. Don’t get me wrong, I am excited for Galaxy’s Edge and all the amazing things it may bring, but nothing could compare to the days of old, the hat, the parades, the water tower, OUR MGM.

My crew in tow, we head straight to Toy Story Land to enjoy that Slinky Dog Dash! What an amazing coaster in one of my favorite themed lands of all time.

We head out of Toy Story Land just in time to catch the March of the First Order as if it were scheduled just for us……I am so glad our timing worked out this way, knowing now that they will take their last march on July 6, 2019. At this point, we decided it was time for sugar!!! Our goal was to try the HAMM cookie of course! What else do you expect from us!?!? LOL! Sugared up and ready for destination three, we opt for boat transportation to our next stop……… Epcot!!!


That Friendship boat ride over to Epcot was an amazing break. A wonderful breeze was blowing and there are few sites more beautiful than the Crescent Lake resort area. On the trip prior to this, we literally fell head over heels in love with Disney’s Yacht Club Resort for so many reasons! It actually creeped right into our top 3 Disney World Resorts of all time! But we will talk about that at another time.

We are of course entering Epcot at the point of the International Gateway. Again, just like soaking up the way Hollywood Studios is at that moment, I felt like I was soaking up the International Gateway as well. It has always been one of my very favorite quiet spots on property, and with the opening of the Skyliner system later this year, I feel like the peace and quiet of our little secret entrance will be lost to progress. Anyone that knows me well, knows my thoughts on sitting in the cover of trees in that beautiful spot nestled between the UK Pavilion and the bridge to the France Pavilion. It is my little heaven in Epcot for sure.

Much to our delight, on our way to Epcot, Isabella was able to snag a much coveted fastpass to Frozen Ever After! This was extra exciting because our friend, Jen, had never been able to ride before!! Score!! But first…….DINNER!!!

I was SUPER excited for dinner…..big surprise there! LOL! You guys know that I love my Disney food, but Via Napoli is by far one of my top 10 Disney dining locations! And, on top of that, both Isabella and Jen would be dining here for the first time! Our meal was simply amazing!

We had a beautiful Mediterranean salad and of course, the Margherita pizza! Trust me when I say, this pizza is life changing!!!! The service and food was top notch in typical Via Napoli fashion, which also, we will talk about at a later time.

Off to Frozen Ever After! This is one of the most surprising rides in Epcot in my opinion. I think my friend, Jen, agrees wholeheartedly! As much as I miss our old Malestrom, I adore the Frozen update! And with that, it’s off to our last park of the day…..BEFORE DARK!

Magic Kingdom

What better way to end this 4 park challenge than walking down Main Street USA! Of course, we took the monorail from Epcot in the Magic Kingdom! I literally love walking into MK when the sun is beginning to set!

Upon our entry, I was also able to connect with another client and friend, Sara, who was also visiting that day! What a treat! Not to mention the fact that our very own, @theprincessndtheblog had already snagged us a fastpass for, you guessed it, SEVEN DWARFS MINE TRAIN! This was an EPIC fastpass day for us for sure! What are the odds, that we would get all of these amazing choice the day of our adventure! Nothing short of magic!

We closed out the night riding attraction after attraction during the fireworks! Tired was an understatement, but WE DID IT! This was undoubtedly one of my most favorite days I have ever had at the Walt Disney World Resort. It‘s a day I’ll always treasure and remember for sure! 3 friends, 4 parks, one day, ONE WORLD! 

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