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A hug from Mickey or a kiss from Snow White

A hug from Mickey or a kiss from Snow White, while these moments may be temporarily on pause when visiting Walt Disney World, this in no way means that magical moments with your favorite characters are a thing of the past. We’ve now been back multiple times since the official reopening of the theme parks […]

Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin brunch

I know that when most folks think DISNEY, they think of kid stuff, but our Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin brunch was anything BUT just for kids! Whether it be a girl’s trip, honeymoon, anniversary trip, or solo DISNEY adventure, there is so much to experience at Walt Disney World as an adult! Best girls morning […]

Visiting Disney during COVID: A Guest’s perspective

In these uncertain times, I have chosen to visit both Universal and Disney and have openly shared my honest experiences there. But, I have asked one of my amazing clients to give you her perspective of her family’s visit during COVID. Please keep in mind that I, in no way, will encourage or discourage my […]